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Saturday, April 5, 2008

fast growing vocabulary

I realized that Vanessa's vocabulary is growing quite fast.She can greets people with a hi or heyyo and say bye with matching wave.She also says tenk you when she wants something or you give her something.She also says shoe, shake, bis you (bless you) when she sneeze, mami, dada, a-o, go and 3 days ago she said the dreaded word no.She says it a lot as in a lot with a shake on her head too.It is so fascinating to see my girl blossom into a talking being.Cant wait to her more words in the next few days.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

why not try getting a cash advance?

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Friday, March 28, 2008

2nd snow experience

When we went to the California mountains to show vaness the mountains she wasn't even walking yet but this time we were so excited to see her reaction to the snow.We got lucky it snowed the day we arrived in Colorado.I enjoyed it specially because it was heavy snow fall.I did waste time to take pictures of us playing in snow.I bet it was exciting because it does not always happen but it must get boring when you are surrounded with snow for months.I'm glad we went it was such an unforgettable trip.

need a mortgage advice?

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First plane ride

We thought it was gonna be a disaster, traveling with a baby on board.But then she proved us wrong.She was so calm and cheerful during the plane trip.probably because it was a a 2 hour trip.She was on my lap and the only thing she wants is to be put down on the floor by the aisle so that she can see a lot of people.I guess now we are not afraid anymore of taking her to travel by taking a plane.It actually was very fun traveling with her.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

wanna find your no.1 rap resource on the net?

I love rap is upbeat and fun.I found out about a website which is truly a great online rap music resource called, where you can find the all best rapper in town.From Kanye West , Akon and 50 cents.It also feature top ten rap music artist every week.Now I know where to go when I need a rap fix.This is where all rappers collide and fans go crazy!

sick girl

She started having a cold last Monday morning and I let her drink a lot of orange and apple juice which she thankfully took every time I gave her one.I was starting to worry because she would also sometimes cough a little but and it is not something I look forward to since we are living for our short vacation on Saturday.Last night she did very fine though.I gave her a massage with a filipino menthol oil and it seemed to have helped her get through the night without coughing or anything.Tonight..I hope for the best..